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Program Rules

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  1. Maximum of eight (8) players per team.  Must have five (5) players on the court at beginning of game or team forfeits.

  2. League Director has final say on all matters.

  3. League will use Yellow and Red Cars for behavior protocols:

  • Yellow Card: Player may receive up to 3 yellow cards per league season for unacceptable behavior on and off the court.  This behavior will generate a yellow card, which after 3 yellow cards will facilitate a suspension.  Players are not allowed on court or bench during a suspension week.  After a suspension week, the player reverts to 0 yellow cards.  Yellow cards can be issued for poor conduct, fighting, swearing and unsportsmanlike behavior; also missed workshop.


  • Red Card: Instant suspension for 1 week.  Only league director can issue a red card and rescind one.  Red cards will be discussed before being issued.  Once administered, red card will follow same rule as yellow card. 

    • League will consist of six (6) games, then a one-night playoff format.  1st place team vs. 4th place team; 2nd place team vs. 3rd place team; winners of games play ½ hour later for championship.  Following week, the All-Star game will be played. 

    • States will be available next day online after games.

    • All League, All Star and an All-Defensive teams will be selected by the coaches.

    • Uniforms will be provided and collected by coaches at the end of each game.

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